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DSJ Networking

Welcome to DSJ Networks. We are a Linux and FreeBSD network consultancy located in Marietta, GA. We specialize in writing documentation for Linux and FreeBSD users and administrators. On this site you can find a number of Linux/FreeBSD-related resources and HOWTOS,

Here you'll find Dave's articles from the "I Don't Do Windows" column of ComputorEdge magazine. You'll also find various other writings and essays both published and not published.

Despite the fact that we specialize in Linux and FreeBSD networks and administration, you'll notice other resources too, ranging from short stories to zen, available from DSJ's personal page and archives. Don't be too surprised over what else you may find here!


  • Tuesday, August 13 2002-- I finally got around to doing some much needed updates. Nothing too drastic yet. But I'm postponing my plan for a dynamically created website for now. It seems my perl works fine on my servers but doesn't on Earthlink's. Until I know why, I'll have to stick to a static website.
  • A lot of these pages date back to 1998 or so and haven't been updated. You have been warned! (But some of the info is still good.)
  • The Riverforest directory hasn't been updated in about 4 years. But lots of people still live in the same place.
  • The ComputorEdge "I Don't Do Windows" articles have some new articles. I haven't updated the index page much. I'm still working on a way of dynamically creating that page. Once again, it works fine on my servers, but Earthlink's don't like my script for some reason, though the syntax is correct. Meanwhile, just put in your URL and that should allow you to read everything in that directory.

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