The PGP Web Resources Page

You'll be happy to know that there are plenty of PGP resources on the World Wide Web to answer most and perhaps all of your PGP-related questions. I've tried to break these resources down into different types so you can use them more efficiently.


Of course, the first thing you will probably need are the tutorials. Here they are:


I don't know of any of these books where the entire text is online, but most are available either through your bookstore or may be ordered therefrom.

Cryptographic Background

For those of you who would like to learn a little more about cryptography in general from an academic perspective, these links may be of some help:

Political and Social Explanations

Some of these websites belong to privacy activist groups, while others are more academic in nature. A brief explanation accompanies each link.

Legal News

There are many good news sources around, but the Cyperpunks homepage at Berkeley is pretty reliable.

Personal Websites


Commercial Sources

The man who started it all was Phil Zimmerman, the author of PGP. While the MIT version is still freeware, Phil has developed some software for Windows and the Macintosh that he distributes commercially.

Freeware Sources

PGP Utilities

PGP Keyservers

The keyservers are what allow you to obtain a public key for someone you want to encrypt a message or file for. If you want to encrypt a file for Joe, you need Joe's public key. You can obtain it from the keyservers.

PGP Remailers

Remailers are a way of emailing letters so no one can look at the electronic headers and tell where the email came from or from who. This comes in handy in many circumstances, like anonymous self-help groups online, where participants can get help without endangering their public standing. Or crime victims can post to newsgroups about their perpetraiters with anonymity.